Need a tarp? Before heading over to the hardware store you might want to think about getting a billboard tarp. You know these are the ones that have advertising on one side and are white on the other side. The reason why you want one of these types of tarps is because they are made so much better than regular tarps. Used billboard tarps are about 10 times stronger than regular tarps and come at about the same price.

What can Used Billboard Tarps be Used for?

Just because they have printing on them doesn’t mean they can’t be used as regular tarps. The are white on one side and have the printing on the other side so you can always use the white side up.

  • Used billboard tarps can be used to cover farm equipment
  • Used billboard tarps can protect outdoor machinery
  • Re-using billboard tarps can be used to cover things that you are storing and keep them from getting dusty and dirty Used billboard tarps are great to use as boat covers
  • They can be used to tarp loads you carry in a truck, a pickup or on a trailer bed
  • Tarps can be used to keep plants from freezing in the winter time
  • Used billboard tarps can be used to cover the greenhouse roof
  • Great for chicken coops or farm animal use
  • Terrific for lying on a flat surface when doing kids projects
  • Great as shade covering when you go camping or have an outdoor event
  • Excellent source for Pond Liners

As you can see there are many uses for used outdoor tarps. All you need is a little imagination and an outdoor billboard tarp and you will see that you will find many uses for it.

These used billboard tarps are ten times stronger than regular tarps, and I have mentioned that before, but they are also UV protected and made to last for up to ten years. Often these tarps aren’t even used for a month, which means they have their full life ahead of them. The point is, why should you buy a new tarp? When these are better, plus you will be recycling and doing your part for the environment.