One of the most recyclable and efficient materials on the market today are used billboard material, because there are tons of things this material can be used for. The following are just a few projects people can use these billboard tarps for:

  1. Chicken coop covering. These are inexpensive and because they have UV protection, they make terrific coverings for any animal pen.
  2. Shade on those sunny hot days. When you are working outdoors and need a shady place to sit for a few minutes these billboard tarps make a great choice
  3. Paint spatter protection – If you are a painter these tarps last forever and don’t tear, so you can safely paint away and keep paint spatter from happening on floors or furniture.
  4. Fine Arts table covering – These used billboard tarps make a great covering for any fine artist. They protect your work area and are very easy to clean up
  5. Children’s crafts covering – These tarps make a great table or floor covering for when children want to produce some type of craft.
  6. Plastic swimming pool cover – The used billboard tarp can be placed as a lining underneath the plastic kiddie swimming pool, or can cover it to keep leaves and stuff from getting in the water.
  7. Transportation tarp – Used billboard tarps make great truck coverings or product coverings for shipping. Especially if it is a heavy product that may tear a tarp.
  8. Boat covering – Using a billboard tarp will keep your boat from getting dirty
    #Car covering – Use a billboard tarp to keep your car from getting dirty when parked outside.
    Motorcycle cover– This type of tarp will keep your motorcycle safe and out of the elements.

So those are ten good reasons to use recycled billboard tarps. The reason many people use billboard tarps is because they are inexpensive, UV protected, and they are about ten times stronger than regular tarps you can buy at the hardware store.

These tarps make a great option because they are made especially to withstand the elements. Most billboard companies make these tarps to last up to ten years, but often aren’t used for more than a few months.